All about “CipSkills”

We at “CipSkills” ensure that every course published is taught by excellent teachers and experts from all around the globe to maintain quality and excellence. The courses comprise of video lectures, peer talks, assignments and projects. Upon completion, our students are provided with electronic certifications for them to recognize their completion of different courses.

We aim to provide people around the globe excellence in knowledge and make their lives better so that they can grow!

Our vision is to be placed as one of the top e-learning platforms across the globe and to make a difference in the education system around the globe.

We believe that we have a great responsibility towards our stakeholders and that everything we do should be done with utmost honesty, integrity and complete transparency. We value our students and therefore we can never compromise on quality of our services. We endeavor in making an impact by creating value in everything we do. We take challenges very openly and like to deliver with excellence. Our values are embedded in the heart of our institution, in everything we do and how we act.

CipSkills is a global platform for learning courses online. The school revolves around being sustainable by providing quality education around the globe and that too at affordable prices for people who have a strong longing to learn.


3022 Brooklyn Street,
Oregon 97401,United States.

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